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Fujian Greenfly Biotechnology Co.,Ltd co-founded by Xiamen Xinlvsheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd and DOVE BIOTECH In 2015, is a scientific and environmental protection enterprise integrating water pollution treatment, solid waste recycling, energy-saving technology promotion, natural science research and experiment (based on the above environmental protection technologies).The company is located in Lianfeng Science and Technology Industrial Park, Guanqiao Town, Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, with a total construction area of 46,800 square meters and a total investment of 300 million yuan.

Companies adhere to the "green earth, with the" xin "guardian" for the purpose, to "high quality products, high standards of service" for the guidelines, a professional r&d team, the introduction of the DOVE BIOTECH company three harnessing of patent technology (POL-DW® , CWP - 121® , ANTINFEKR 10 H® ), and 100% in the three patent technology developed on the basis of natural organic biotechnology products,The product can thoroughly decompose the pollutants and toxic and harmful substances in sewage into non-toxic, harmless, side-effect-free and renewable products, so as to achieve the effect of clearing the source and fixing the source.The company gives full consideration to the different needs of users, provides perfect advanced technology and equipment and economic and effective solutions, and makes use of new products with great vitality and sustainable development in a targeted.


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