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DOVE BIOTECH supplies water treatment systems for the application in two areas:

Sewage Treatment Systems:

1.Activated sludge process

2.Anaerobic digestion of sludge using gas-mixing technology

3.POL-DW® —Advance Water Clarifier

4.UASB systems

5.Rotating Biological Contactor system

6.CWP-121® Nano-Filtration System

Waste Water Treatment Systems:

1.Primary Clarifiers

2.Solid contact / re-activator clarifiers

3.Lamella Clarifiers System

4.POL-DW® —Advance Water Clarifier

5.Auto Backwash gravity filters

6.Pressure Filters

7.CWP-121® Nano-Filtration System

8.Membrane technology including;

·Seawater Reverse Osmosis System

·Industrial / Effluent treatment reverse osmosis systems

·Home water purifiers


Advanced Technology

DOVE BIOTECH Advanced Technology for Waste Water Treatment

DOVE BIOTECH Co., Ltd. has developed, tested and patented the ultimate and most effective 100% Organic Products with Advanced Nano & Biotechnology to eliminate contaminants for highest water quality and effectively eradicate all danger microorganisms causing water born diseases. Our advanced biotechnical product with simple application provides the most effective result with an inexpensive cost and easy to operate. This technology revealed the most advantage with no harm to human, animal and the environment.

Primary treatment involves physical processing of Sedimentation to remove large solid particles. The processes may include the grinding mechanism and then the sewage is finally passed through settling tanks to remove suspended impurities.

Secondary treatment focused on the use of POL-DW®, which is exclusively developed by DOVE BIOTECH. It is an effective natural solution for decontamination of wastewater. POL-DW® works well when use together with CWP-121® BIO-Filtration System, it designed to increase the efficiency of settling, clarification, filtration and centrifugation operations. The POL-DW® removes about 98% percent of suspended solids from wastewater prior to further water purification process i.e. filtration step by using CWP-121® BIO-Filtration System which can remove 100% of the remaining microscopic suspended particles. CWP-121® eliminates hazardous wastes in water bodies, which may include; solids, heavy toxic metals (such as: lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.) and other chemicals. CWP-121® BIO-Filter offers economic solution for decontamination of wastewater when compared to the existing conventional methods. CWP-121® does not require complicate and expensive installations, the system is easy to operate. With the use of CWP-121® natural waste water treatment, the water can now be release into the environment, or submit to further process for elimination of pathogen, for the use as potable water.

Tertiary treatment, after all microscopic suspended particles are removed, the final stage in Wastewater treatment is to focus on the “Disinfection”. This process aimed to eliminate pathogenic microbial contaminants, i.e. bacteria, fungi, and viruses. For complete elimination of such pathogenic microorganism, ANTINFEK® 10H is adopted. The basis compound of ANTINFEK® 10H is natural water-soluble polymers with bactericidal polyelectrolyte based on Guanidine compounds which kills both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, with broad spectrum on viruses and fungi. Application of ANTINFEK® 10H is simple, simply add to the drinking and natural, city water, swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, river water, underground water, industrial sewage water for immediate result of clean water.

DOVE BIOTECH has developed various technology, products and systems for all kinds of wastewater treatment. The products can eliminate the solid contaminants, oil spillage and disinfect the water. The system development based on 100% natural solution with simple operation method, consolidate result and inexpensive. DOVE BIOTECH technology revealed the most advantage to human, animal and the environment.

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