Wastewater Treatment

100% natural organic matter

Efficient 100% organic products to eliminate water pollution and effectively eliminate all dangerous microorganisms in the water.Our advanced biotechnology products are easy to operate, effective reinforcement and low cost.
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Fujian Greenfly Biotechnology Co.,Ltd adopts DOVE BIOTECH advanced biotechnology to produce the most efficient 100% organic products to eliminate water pollution and effectively eliminate all dangerous microorganisms in the water.Our advanced biotechnology products, simple applications, provide the most effective results, low cost, easy to operate.
Primary treatment: Includes physical sedimentation to remove larger solids.These processes may involve grinding mechanisms, and then sewage is eventually removed through the settling tank to remove suspended impurities.
Secondary treatment: It uses POL-DW®, which was developed exclusively by DOVE BIOTECH and is an effective natural solution for wastewater purification. POL-DW® works best when used with CWP 121® biological filtration system. It is designed to increase the efficiency of sedimentation, clarification, filtration and centrifugation operations. Using the CWP 121® biological filtration system, POL-DW® can remove approximately 98% of the suspended matter in the wastewater before the further water purification process, that is, the filtration step, and the CWP 121® biological filtration system can remove 100% of the remaining microscopic suspended particles. The CWP 121® biological filtration system allows users to eliminate hazardous waste contained in wastewater, which may include: solids, hazardous heavy metals (such as: arsenic, lead, uranium, mercury, cadmium, cerium, cobalt, antimony, bismuth, etc.).
Compared with existing traditional methods, CWP 121® Biofilter provides an economical solution for wastewater purification. The CWP 121® biological filtration system does not require complicated and expensive installation, and the system is easy to operate. After the waste water is treated by law cleaning, the waste water can be directly discharged into the environment, or after further pathogen treatment, it can be used as drinking water.
Tertiary treatment: After removing all microscopic suspended particles, the final stage of wastewater treatment is focused on "disinfection". This process aims to eliminate pathogenic microbial contaminants, namely bacteria, fungi and viruses. In order to completely remove these pathogenic microorganisms, we have adopted ANTINFEK 10H®. The basic compound of ANTINFEK 10H® is a natural water-soluble polymer with a bactericidal polyelectrolyte based on guanidine compounds, capable of killing both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, and is suitable for a wide range of viricides. ANTINFEK 10H® is simple to apply, just add it to drinking water and natural, city water, swimming pool hot spring baths, hot tubs, river water, groundwater, industrial wastewater, and you can get clean water with instant effects.
DOVE BIOTECH wastewater treatment technology, products and systems were adopted.The product can remove solid contaminants from the water and disinfect the water.The system development is based on the pure natural solution, the operation method is simple, the reinforcement effect is good, the cost is low.


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