Disinfection Of Swimming Pools, Baths, Rivers, Reservoirs ...

100% natural organic disinfectant

A powerful organic biopolymer-based solution with no side effects for humans, animals and the environment.
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ANTINFEK 10H® is a powerful organic biopolymer-based solution that has no side effects on humans, animals and the environment.
ANTINFEK 10H® is the most effective sterilization method for water treatment and disinfection. Once contacted, it completely eliminates water-borne diseases, bacteria, fungi, mold and viruses. ANTINFEK 10H® is simple to apply, works instantly, meets the most stringent environmental, safety and durability requirements, without changing disinfection technology or existing equipment, and can replace existing chemical reagents such as chlorine, industrial disinfectants, bleaching in any environment Agent and hydrochloride.


ANTINFEK 10H® compounds are based on organic soluble bacterial polymer electrolytes. Based on guanidine compounds, they can kill Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, and are suitable for a wide range of virus killers.
ANTINFEK 10H® active antimicrobial agent is non-toxic in the diluted state and environmentally friendly. It does not contain any arsenic, heavy metals, halogens, phenolic formaldehyde, formaldehyde and pesticides. 
Product advantages:
Chlorine-based fungicides are highly toxic. Due to its toxicity, high chlorine is only used in very small doses in the environment where humans are exposed. However, even in very small doses, its effects will still accumulate, and it will cause side effects on human health after long-term exposure. In the diluted state, it has no side effects on humans, aquatic microorganisms and the environment.
Chlorine is only effective for several water-borne diseases, and once Lunin® is in contact, it immediately eliminates all water-borne diseases, bacteria and fungi, with a bactericidal effect of 100%.
ANTINFEK 10H® costs only a small part of chlorine and is the most economical disinfectant on the market.
Chlorine-treated water has a strong odor, while ANTINFEK 10H®-treated water has no odor.
Chlorine-treated water affects the eyes, skin, and hair and causes irritation; ANTINFEK 10H's treated water has no side effects, does not cause discomfort to the eyes, and does not irritate the skin.
Chlorine will increase rapidly from the water, so the protection level of the water changes throughout the day, and it is necessary to add chlorine continuously every day. Even if it is added every day, the bacteria levels fluctuate greatly, and Runing provides consistent and lasting protection.
only needs to be applied once to control bacterial levels for up to 15-20 days. In addition to lower costs, the required dose is also lower than that of chlorine and other chemicals. Compared with chlorine, the required dose is only about 1/13.
Chlorine is very oxidizing and will corrode pipes and equipment, while Runing® is non-corrosive. Therefore, the use of ANTINFEK 10H saves a lot of maintenance costs.
Disinfection Of Swimming Pools, Baths, Rivers, Reservoirs ...


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